The Story

Madison Strip is a four-piece hard-rock band from Newfoundland, Canada.

There’s something to be said for the founding friendships in Madison Strip.
To put it simply, we found our best friends in life and started a band.

Ryan and Brad found each-other skating in a beer-league hockey game in 2008 and began recording demos together. Jess and Ryan found each-other in a music and recording arts program in 2011, But, by that time Brad had moved away. The two of them began singing and writing lyrics together in the meantime, and Brad moved back within the next couple of years.

Ryan, Brad and Jess were all singer-songwriters with a similar dream, who believed in each-other more than anything. They were quick to begin aligning their energy and ideas; to get tight with each-other, find their fourth, and go play. Based on probability alone, it wouldn’t be easy to find someone who gelled as much they did with each-other, but after a series of bass players (and lead guitarists) Travis blessedly landed right where he was needed and completed Madison Strip.

We are passionate about our music. We use catchy riffs and write about heavy subjects from various perspectives, that we believe are merited by today’s realities. Our vision is purely to chase our dreams in hopes to build and rekindle unity in the heart of music scenes, honouring the era’s that brought us here.

The Band

Ryan Rodgers - Guitar/Vocals

Heavy guitars, Heavy vocals, Catchy Songwriting

The creative force behind Madison Strip. Ryan was heavily inspired by his father’s Alice Cooper vinyl growing up, which likely attributed to his ideals of energy on stage. He began as creator and exciting front man of the local band ‘Nuthouse’ which imploded in 2010. True to his dream, he continues writing heavy catchy riffs and deep dark lyrics, with a heavier vocal than ever before in...Madison Strip!

Jessaca Maidment - Vocals

Powerful Vocals, Beautiful Melodies, Deep Lyrics

Surrounded by a musical family, Jessaca grew up with a fascination for all things creative. In an early love for writing and art, poetry quickly turned in to songwriting. By 2011, she found herself in a strange city, in the same music & recording arts course as Ryan. It was there, that he reciprocated her tastes and focus on lyrics and harmony, and asked her to join him. ‘The Yin to the Yang’. Jessaca’s unique soaring vocals matched with Ryan’s signature heavy-style, makes her the perfect fit for Madison Strip.

Brad Clarke - Drums

Heavy Hitting Drums, Strong Rhythm, The Heartbeat

After hearing “Puff The Magic Dragon" at the age of 2, Brad decided to himself that music held the key to happiness. So began his obsession with creativity and self-expression through art and music. He has lived most of his life writing lyrics, songs, and playing any instrument he can get his hands on. During his Arts degree in 2007, he met Ryan Rodgers in an amateur hockey league. As the two connected over music, it became clear they were meant to be in a band together. He has certainly carved his own role in Madison Strip. From his percussive talents and out-of-the-box ideas, to his omnidirectional knowledge of technology and enthusiastic performance, Brad is a heartbeat in the band.

Travis Shaw - Bass

Solid timing, Strong Rhythm, Heavy Tone

Born in Whitehorse, Yukon. Joe Dart fanboy. Once hit his own vehicle while driving his mother’s car. “You miss 100% of the cars that aren’t parked behind you.” Travis was the very first to respond to an online ad posted by the rest of the band in 2015, seeking a Bassist. Travis wouldn’t be moving to the province for a couple of months, so they went with somebody else who was interested, Who ultimately left the band shy of 2 years later. Days before that bass player quit, on the night of his last show with Madison Strip, a new bassist unknowingly showed up at the front of the stage, during the bridge of ‘Generation II Blame’ and enjoyed what he heard. It was Travis, and It wasn’t until after the show, when he was invited back to the band’s house, borrowed Jessaca’s bicycle to go to the store, and didn’t return because he had gotten horribly lost.. while Jessaca thought he had stolen it, and had all of Facebook out for blood until the next day trying to find out who he was, that they all realized their history. The timing could not have been more perfect. Travis’ comedic sense of humour and easy-going wit are only the beginning, His funky slaps and head-bangin’ licks are just what the doctor ordered for Madison Strip.

What's New

We Miss You

October 23rd, 2020

Due to the covid-19 pandemic we haven't played a show at all this year. We greatly miss our fans and can't wait to play for you in (hopefully) the very near future.

Virtual Concert

October 24th, 2020

Madison Strip is now rehearsing for an upcoming virtual concert. Stay tuned for updates

Brand New Song

October 25th, 2020

Madison Strip is hard at work putting together a new song called SOD. Stay tuned, you're gonna love it!

"ANTIDOTE?" Released

May 19th, 2020

Madison Strip released their new single, Antidote? along with a killer lyric video to accompany it!